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Who needs Restaurant Insurance?

If you sell food or beverages, restaurant business insurance is crucial. This includes fine dining restaurants, casual dining restaurants, fast food restaurants, bars, taverns, diners, pizzerias, delis, cafés, coffee shops, tearooms, and food trucks.

Why is insurance for a restaurant important?

As a restaurant owner, you have enough financial risk without having to worry about a major loss eating into your bottom line or forcing you to close. Restaurants face a wide array of risks such as cooking fires, water damage, trips/slips, food poisoning and alcohol-related injuries. Also, landlords usually require that restaurant tenants carry insurance.

What type of Restaurant Business Insurance is offered?

Insurance companies can typically offer a package of insurance coverages specifically tailored to restaurants.  These packages will includes coverages such as tenant improvements, business property, glass, employee dishonesty, income, spoilage, general liability, personal & advertising liability, product liability, cyber liability, benefits liability, employment practices liability, employer liability and hired & non-owned auto.  More information on each of these coverages can be found here.

How much does a Restaurant Insurance Policy cost?

Premiums depend on many factors such as coverage limits selected, restaurant square footage, total revenue, and alcohol revenue. It is important to work with an experienced agent that can help you to determine which coverages are essential and which are optional, and who will work with the underwriters to get you the very best premium possible.

Looking for Restaurant Insurance in Greater Seattle?  Contact Chris Elliott Insurance Agency!

Our Seattle insurance agency insures several well-known restaurants in the Greater Seattle Area, some for upwards of a decade. We access insurers brokers cannot, and often offer superior premiums and an extensive package of insurance coverages specifically tailored to restaurants under one policy. Examples are assault & battery, liquor liability, employment practices liability, cyber liability and employee dishonesty. Additionally, we can offer preferred coverage and rates for a wide array of restaurants, bars, taverns, and food trucks, even if others may consider an establishment high risk, which helps keeps the restaurant insurance cost low.

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