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Greater Seattle Boat Insurance

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Ahoy Captain! Time on the water is time to relax, a feeling that is enhanced with the proper coverage.

We insure PWC’s, ski boats, fishing boats, sailboats, powerboats, and yachts.  Chris has a background in the maritime industry and has instilled that knowledge in his team, so you can rest assured you are working with an agency that understands well boats and boat insurance.

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Insurers We Work With

We work with a variety of Insurers but here are a few of our most popular.

Available Boat Insurance Coverages


Liability coverage protects you financially if you were to be held responsible for injuries, property damage, or pollution.  If you run out of coverage, your assets (including the equity in your home) and future earnings are put at risk.  We recommend boat insurance liability limits of at least $500,000.  This would cover the vast majority of accidents, and help to prevent a situation where you run out of liability coverage and must pay out of pocket. 

Uninsured Watercraft

Uninsured watercraft coverage provides coverage for your medical expenses, lost wages, and pain & suffering if you were hit by a watercraft that does not carry boat insurance.  You might have good health insurance, and you might even have disability insurance, but it is rare for someone to have coverage for pain and suffering, and most would want ample compensation if they were, say, permanently disabled by an uninsured watercraft.  We recommend uninsured watercraft limits of at least $500,000 under a boat insurance policy.  This coverage is relatively inexpensive.


Medical coverage covers medical expenses, however medical expenses are already covered by health insurance. We consider medical coverage under boat insurance to be optional for those with good health insurance.


Hull coverage covers your boat in just about every situation, including collisions, theft, and sinkings.  Anything permanently attached to the boat is covered by hull coverage, however separate coverage may be needed for outboards and dinghies.  Under a boat insurance policy, the hull coverage limit is based on the value of the boat.


Covers towing after a disablement, which can be expensive depending on the distance from a marina.  Under a boat insurance policy, the distance travelled from a marina should be considered when choosing a coverage limit.  

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