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The short answer is, all drivers within your household, and those who regularly drive your vehicle, should be listed on your auto insurance policy. Although certain household members may not drive your vehicle, there is always the possibility that they could, and therefore insurance companies hold firm on this requirement.

What if I have a roommate?

Roommates still must be listed on each other’s policies, since there is always a chance that they could share vehicles. It may be cheaper for roommates to carry one auto insurance policy due to the multiple car discount, and share the expense like other household expenses.

Is it cheaper for certain household members to carry their own car insurance policy?

This typically is not cheaper because the separate policy may not include bundling discounts such as multiple car and auto/home or auto/renters. Also, the person with the separate policy may have a lower credit score, which can increase premium.

What is the difference between removing or excluding a driver?

Both removing and excluding a driver will usually remove them from the premium calculation (although any claims they filed will still be a factor.) If the driver is removed after moving out, they should still be covered to drive your vehicle occasionally as a “permissive user”. It is becoming increasingly common for insurance companies to require proof that the driver has moved out for them to be removed. The other option is to exclude the driver, which is typically easier, but the driver then would not be covered to drive your vehicle.

Can the insurance company find out about undisclosed drivers in my household?

It is estimated that undisclosed drivers could be driving everyone’s insurance rates up as much as 5%. Insurance companies are therefore using more sophisticated technology to “discover” drivers in a household. If this happens, you will be given the option to 1) remove the driver (which typically requires proof they have moved), 2) exclude the driver, or 3) allow the driver to be added. If no action is taken, your policy may be cancelled.

What if an undisclosed household member is involved in an accident?

Every insurance company handles these situations differently. Some will exclude coverage, while others will limit coverage, or increase deductibles. This is an incentive to ensure every driver in the household is listed on all policies. There may be exceptions in certain situations, but it is better to play it safe and disclose all drivers in the household.

Do I have to list my child who is in college on my auto insurance policy?

If your child will be coming home and driving during breaks, it is best to leave them on your car insurance policy. You can talk to your agent about discounts for drivers that are away at college, or possibly excluding that driver while they are away, so they do not impact your rates.

Which car insurance policy should a child be added to when separated parents share custody?

The child need only be added to one auto insurance policy, and should be added to the policy of the parent they spend the most time with.

At what point should my ex-spouse be removed from my insurance?

Ex-spouses should not be removed from insurance policies until they move out of your household and the divorce is final, since until you are divorced, you share assets and exposures.

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