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Greater Seattle Landlord Insurance

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As a rental, your home or condo is essentially a business, and therefore requires special coverage.

Examples are coverage for lost rents after a covered loss renders the home uninhabitable, and liability if a tenant holds you responsible for injuries.  Not only do we offer competitive rates on long-term rentals, we can also insure short-term rentals.  

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Insurers We Work With

We work with a variety of Insurers but here are a few of our most popular.

Available Coverages


Covers your home and anything permanently attached to it.  Coverage is based on a replacement cost valuation.  

Separate Structures

Covers detached garages, accessory dwelling units, sheds, and fences.  

Loss of Rents

Replaces lost rents after your rental is rendered uninhabitable after a covered loss.  Coverage is based on rent collected and the time it might take to rebuild.  


Protects you financially if held responsible for injuries sustained on your property.  We recommend limits of at least $300,000.  

Extended Replacement Cost

Increases coverage for the dwelling, which can be helpful if building costs increase unexpectedly.  For coverage to apply it is important to notify us of any remodels.  

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